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Submarine Snorkel Kits

Submarine Snorkel Kits are low on stock so please call or email us before placing the order to make sure we have them in stock.


Phone Number: 1-877-289-6686

       Free Shipping on Submarine Snorkels

Submarine Snorkel Kits (Can-Am)
Submarine Snorkel Kits (Can-Am)
Submarine Snorkel Kits (Honda)
Submarine Snorkel Kits (Honda)

Submarine Snorkel Kits

Submarine Snorkel comes with many of their parts put together and not so confusing as other companies we have used in the past.  Reliable and great product.  We take time to make sure each is packaged with all the parts!  Just a little extra mile to make your purchase with Trax Motorsports a good one!!


Submarine snorkel kits are tested and proven, these snorkel kits are not released until they have been used and abused by Team Submarine in the worst conditions found in southern Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama. All snorkel kits are designed with performance in mind, meaning you will NOT loose power with a Submarine Snorkel kit. Dyno tests have proven that properly designed snorkel kits increase airflow and give you MORE POWER. Gains of 4.5hp have been realized on some models


Show quality Heliarc welds

Gives you added level of protection against water entering the ATV.

Better, increased air flow means more power.

Mean looking screams you're on a serious mud machine.

Steel crash plates prevents underbody snorkel damage in the event of an accident

You WILL have to cut the plastics to allow for the snorkels.

Any snorkel kit WILL void the warranty on the ATV.

Needs to be installed by a professional


Included with ALL Submarine Snorkels kits is a steel crash plate that mounts to the rack of the atv. This means the snorkel kit will NOT pull away from the air box or belt housing nor will it damage your front plastics in the event of an accident or low hanging limbs. All single stack snorkels are equipped with a flexible snorkel stack and an optional rigid snorkel stack. These kits allow the rider to choose between the unbreakable and the rigid depending on your preferred looks


Submarine Snorkel Installation: Installation is different than all the rest. At present, most snorkel kits consist of instruction, lots of PVC fittings and a can of glue. NOT submarine snorkels. All snorkels are pre-assembled to exacting tolerances allowing for precise installations that will only fit one way. All hardware along with detailed, picture filled instructions allow the snorkels to be installed with the confidence everything was done right  Submarine Snorkel recommends all snorkel kits only be installed by very capable and competent mechanics. Preferably one that has worked with snorkel kits before. Your atv is a large investment and even a small mistake can mean very costly repair bills. Only ATV, Inc. WILL NOT take any questions over the phone regarding installation of snorkel kits unless the asking party is a full time ATV mechanic or shop.


Submarine Snorkel Disclaimer: Snorkel kits should only be used as an added protection against water. Submarine snorkel kits DO NOT allow your atv to operate under water!! Only ATV, Inc. does not condone or promote riding in water deeper than is recommended by the manufacturer. Riding in deep water can be dangerous, possibly leading to serious injury or death. Even a properly installed snorkel kit may leak under certain conditions potentially causing catastrophic engine failure.

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Need more information?  Give us a call at 877-289-6686 or email us at



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