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Merchant Services

For a set of 4 unmounted Gorilla  tires click here

Click here if you want a whole set of tires mounted on the 14" rims.

Click here if you want a whole set of tires mounted on the 12" rims.

Click here for single un-mounted Gorilla tires in a variety of sizes.


Gorilla Silverback tire

32" Silverback tires are the largest and most aggressive ATV tire on the market!


6 Ply rating

The deepest tread available on an ATV tire

Lug wraps all the way to bead

Self cleaning tread

Most advanced tread design

Gorilla Axle logo embossed on sidewall

***No returns on these tires***




32x10x14, 6 Ply

30x11x14 , 6 Ply

 30x9x14 , 6 Ply

30x10x12 , 6 Ply

28x12x12 , 6 Ply

 28x10x12 , 6 Ply

27x12x12, 6 ply 

27x10x12, 6ply


Click here to view more of our customers photos with these tires.



Code NamePrice   
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-27-12-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 27x10-12 $352.90
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-27-12-10-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 27x10-12 and 2 27x10-12 $698.20
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-27-12-10-12 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 27x10-12 and 2 27x12-12 $720.38
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-27-12-12 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 27x12-12 $375.08
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-28-12-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 28x10-12 $360.32
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-28-12-10-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 28x10-12 and 2 28x10-12 $713.04
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-28-12-10-12 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 28x10-12 and 2 28x12-12 $738.68
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-28-12-12 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 28x12-12 $385.96
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-30-12-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 30x10-12 $385.47
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-30-12-10-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 30x10-12 and 2 30x10-12 $761.44
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-30-14-11 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 30x11-14 $425.90
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-30-14-9 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 30x9-14 $324.94
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-30-14-9-11 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 30x9-14 and 2 30x11-14 $741.34
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-30-14-9-9 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 30x9-14 and 2 30x9-14 $640.38
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-32-14-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 32x10-14 $528.71
SET_GORILLA-SILVERBACK-32-14-10-10 Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire Set 2 32x10-14 and 2 32x10-14 $1,057.42
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